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About Us

Welcome to Planning Times!

Planning Times focuses on bringing together professionals from different fields who are collectively working towards Urban & Rural development. We talk about people, places & policies governing them! People are the first and most important part of any process, since they plan and lead the development, followed by places where people live and interact. The means of achieving the desired goals is through policies which then connect & influence People & Places. An interactive and engaging platform for all the stakeholders to come together, interact and share their knowledge for better & more informed decision-making.

The essence of the internet is in its power to connect and empower people from any part of the world, yet with the passing of time, the idea of connecting has been taken over by social media. A social media ruled by algorithms is supposedly programmed to improve revenue instead of user experience. Social media platforms are full of noise and short — lived content and media, seldom acting as a platform to connect and discuss.

While the instant messaging, push notifications and snaps fights for your attention and increases anxiety by creating a sense of urgency to respond, we at Planning Times are trying to address what’s really urgent and important. Taking you back to the fundamentals of reading, writing, reflecting and connecting with the authors and other readers in the comment section. Connections which are built not on based on a false sense of urgency, but rather on shared experiences and ideology. We look forward to being your platform for discourse.

Planning Times is all about People, Places & Policies, Our focus areas include:

  1. Urban & Rural Development
  2. Journalism (Explanatory & Column)
  3. Public Policies
  4. Real Estate
  5. Technology & Businesses effecting Urban & Rural Development

Planning Times Magazine is brought to you by Planning Tank, an associate of Out of Scale India Private Limited