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Welcome to Planning Times!

Planning Times was earlier based on a newsletter only approach which is now evolving and expanding to become the best platform for sharing opinions, insights and information. The newsletter will be retained and continue to be worked upon and, at the same time, the revamped platform will allow readers to share their views. Inviting and encouraging readers to be writers and be change makers.

Although Planning Tank has always been less vocal, we were all ears and taking the feedback. Nearly a decade of existence and experience allowed us to carve our niche and now bring together all the stakeholders to share their views, connect and brainstorm.

The essence of the internet is in its power to connect and empower people from any part of the world, yet with the passing of time, the idea of connecting has been taken over by social media. A social media ruled by algorithms is supposedly programmed to improve revenue instead of user experience. Social media platforms are full of noise and short — lived content and media, seldom acting as a platform to connect and discuss.

While the instant messaging, push notifications and snaps fights for your attention and increases anxiety by creating a sense of urgency to respond, we at Planning Times are trying to address what’s really urgent and important. Taking you back to the fundamentals of reading, writing, reflecting and connecting with the authors and other readers in the comment section. Connections which are built not on based on a false sense of urgency, but rather on shared experiences and ideology. We look forward to being your platform for discourse.

Planning Times is all about People, Places & Policies, our focus areas include:

  1. Urban Planning & Journalism
  2. Public Policies
  3. Real Estate
  4. Technology & Businesses
  5. Housing Schemes and Master Plans

What about Planning Times newsletter?

The newsletter is being retained and actively worked upon. The only change is the new address for the newsletter. It will now be available on https://newsletter.planningtimes.com or via any button/ link on the website. We have placed the link at all prominent locations to make it easy for you to access the newsletter quickly.

What happens to Planning Tank?

Planning Tank will continue to function in the same manner as it was earlier, there will be no change to it. Some hand-picked articles will be made available on both Planning Tank and Planning Times so that the probability of them finding the right set of audience increases. Planning Tank will be focused on academic and information resources, while Planning Times will be more inclined towards informal, thought-provoking and engaging content.