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Integrated B.Plan – M.Plan Course

This page will be updated from time to time to address all the FAQs regarding the Integrated B.Plan – M.Plan course in India. The Department of Physical Planning supports the idea of finding a new path for Bachelor of Planning degree holders, where without compromising on the quality of the professional training; the students can also meet job market requirements while at the same time make effective use of their time as well as effective use of the scare national resources as they take up some seats, which potentially could have gone to other deserving and qualified candidates.

To resolve this, a new path is presented in the form of the proposed Five Year Integrated Master of Planning Program specifically meant for the students studying for Bachelor of Planning degree program in SPA New Delhi. after spending another year in the Department, the students will have studied another 9 theory subjects (making a total of 48 theory subjects) and two more studios plus a postgraduate level thesis. The total annual intake is proposed to be 15 students. Only those students scoring first division (as per the School rules) in terms of aggregate marks scored up to the Seventh Semester of Bachelor Planning in SPA New Delhi will be eligible to apply for admission. Reserved category candidates with at least 50 percent marks will also be eligible for admission. The students could fill an admission form by the end of the Seventh Semester for consideration by the School.

Admission will be based on a set of objective criteria including aggregate marks up to the Seventh Semester, interviews, group discussion, etc.  This program is intended to pursue the following objectives:

  • To prepare the students with advanced knowledge about finance, climate change, planning organizations, and public policy.
  • To make the students fully fit for the current job markets in which postgraduate degree is preferred.
    Through the proposed Five-Year Integrated Master of Planning Program, the following skills will be imparted:
  • Critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving.
  • Coherent and cogent Writing and presentation
  • Organizational analysis
  • Leadership: inspiration and motivation skills
  •  Ability to innovate and create new ideas and knowledge.
  • Collaborative working with the ability to make independent professional judgments.

The syllabus up to the Seventh Semester will remain same for both the Bachelor of Planning students as well as for the students who will potentially be admitted to the proposed Five Year integrated Master of Planning Program.

For queries, watch this space or get in touch with us on [email protected]